Tzipora Silverelm

half-elf frost dragon sorceress


Touched by the breath of the frost dragon, Tzipora is a 5’7" half-elf dragon sorceress with white hair and piercing eyes. Her pale skin is flaked with frosted scales. The marks from her family, though painted, show her lineage to the Silverelms. The antlers growing out of her head, however, are the most notable thing about her.


Spent her childhood growing up in the woods with her unbeknownst-to-her adopted family. Tzipora (known to her friends as “Tzip” “Tzipo” or “Tzippy”) lived a modest lifestyle on their farm. She loved all of her family, even though she sensed she was different from them. Once she turned 15, she was plagued with dreams of dragons, until the fateful night that a “black dragon with many horns” appeared and wiped out her family. Three years later, she tended to her farm, trying to rebuild the life she had before, but all alone, when a small group of dwarves and a human bard appear in her fields. Hearing their tale, she welcomes them into her home, and they tell her of the natural disasters that have plagued the lands. Her dreams become more real and she finally decides to leave the only home she’s ever known, gifting the land to the only friends she’s ever known. She wishes to find the dragon who murdered her family and who she really is.

Shy and secretive, she has a hard time opening up to people. She distrusts those clad in armor, but seems to end up working along side them anyways. She is aware of her faults and tries not to let that come in the way of the task at hand.

Tzipora Silverelm

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