King of Kings, greatest fighter in the lands, "mamma bear isn't going to let any of her little ducklings get hurt."


Neumitor is 5’11 human with lightly tanned skin and black hair. He has piercing green eyes, sharp features, a trimmed beard and golden armor. Around his armor he is draped in a red cloak with gold embroidery. He is brash, decisive, and a leader of men. Though his attitudes are sometimes fickle, he has a fierce loyalty to protecting those travling with him. He claims a royal and historic birthright, but none seem to know of him.

4th level fighter human varient
sub class: EK
Fighting style: Sword & Shield
HP:36 AC:19

  • Str:16
  • Dex:14
  • Con:14
  • Int:10
  • Wis:10
  • Cha:10
  • Shield Mastery
  • War Caster
  • Booming blade
  • Firebolt
    1st lvl.
  • Magic Missile
  • Shield
  • Thunderwave

Before Glory

The kingdom of Alba found in the moutains of White Peaks was ruled by a wicked king, Anelies. Anelies fought his brother, the Grandfather of Neumitor, Ralallso and sent him and his sons into exile. Anelies forced Ralallso daughter, Helliena Silvia, to become his ward as collateral.

One day Ra, the god of the sun, saw Helliena Silvia and fell in love with her. Some time later she gave birth to twin boys. Anelies ordered a servent to throw the two twins into the River. But the servent left the twins in their cradle to give them a chance. They floated down the river. Until a she-wolf rescued the two babies and looked after them.

As the boys grew they would soon find tragedy again. When a group of poachers killed their savior. Soon after a shepherd called Faulst saw the dead she-wolf with the boys. He took them home to his wife and they called them Neumitor and others name has been lost to time. When they grew up the boys became shepherds like Faulst. One day they had a fight with some shepherds who looked after Ralallso sheep. Neumitor was arrested and sent to Ralallso as a prisoner. When Ralallso heard the story he realised that Neumitor was his grandson! He told the twins what had happened to him and their Mother.

The twins attacked their Great Uncle Anelies and killed him. Neumitor and his brother lived with their grandfather in the White Peaks Moutains, but they got bored and missed the countryside where they grew up. They decided to move back to the place where Faulst had found them to build their own city.

Blood, and Glory

“Neumitor King of Kings, a story of a man who would be king of the world. From his simple and Noble upbringing his sense of justice has always been for the people, at whatever the cost. So it is told by Ra, mighty god of the sun. The King, The mighty Neumitor, is the embodiment of Imhotep, “He Who Brings Peace”. The very living reincarnation of Ra’s favored hero. So he has left the kingdom of sands, to travel foreign lands in name of conquest and glory. All Hail! King of Kings, Neumitor " – Cabbot Far-Traveler


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